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Donald trump - tweeting war over syria with Russia

Donald trump started war on tweeter with russia over the problem of syria. Syrian government used chemical weapon on civilen. Due to this incident US president Donald Trump to take down Syrian government of Bashar al-assad, but problem comes because russia is supporting or backing Syrian government which is stopping US from attacking. 

Russian lawmaker have given warning on US strike will be considered as crime of war which will be treated as crime.  Trump confrontation with russian months ago when they launched cruise missile from ship on Syrian airbase in response to chemical weapon use but during this attack US informed to Russian counterpart so US and Russia don't go on war. From the starting of civil war in Syria, US wants to remove its president Baser form its power but he still their because of Russian support.

Many international community have noticed or find that Russia also committed war crime by dropping barrel boom on civil which was done with the partnership with Syrian force. But nobody have any hard evidence against Russia and Syria for their crime. After finishing of civil war, still there is war of ward going on tweeter between Russia and US. Day by day relationship with Russia is getting worse because of latest incident of Russia involvement of posing former Russian spy in British soil. Many western and NATO allies send Russian diplomat back to their home in response of posing, but Russsia also send western, and EU diplomat back to home as part of counter attack.

Many more things to go as day passes. Tenson will be continued until their no common base of solution between all country. 
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