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Southwest emergency landing

Southwest Airline makes emergency landing will it was bound to Dallas, Texas. One person died during southwest emergency and other passenger were got small injures. Southwest passenger were deboarded safely and fast with help of emergency services personals. Airline plane have suffered on its one of the engine which is on the left side of the plane which can be ready to fly back once engine is replaced. Flight number was FLIGHT 1380. Plane also got damaged on fuselage and a window, reported by Federal Aviation Administration on the incident. Website that tracks flight which is "FlightRadar24" given the data on the incident that, Boeing 737-700 (model) decreased from 31,684 feet to 9,900 feet in just between five to six minutes.
Emergency landing was made by southwest for engine failure
Southwest Airline emergency landing

Southwest reported seven people hurt during emergency landing. Federal started investigating the incident. Boeing started helping southwest in technical assistance. NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) have created team to investigate the Southwest Emergency.  Aircraft was carrying on 144 passengers and it was going from New York to Dallas and during midway, flight gct engine failed on left side. One the passenger posted photo on facebook. Aircraft was with two CFM-56 engines. Engines are design with covers so during any emergency engine breaks or explode then bald dont go in air and kill with it. Engine that was on aircraft are common.
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