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Apple stock giving its investor for their trust on buy apple stock. As per the report apple is buying back its stock from the investor with estimated spent of $20 billion. Apple is proving to be best and most valuable company in the history of silicon valley. Apple will be performing its best in coming year because of its management and way of inventing new product which is loved by the company.

Apple Stock buyback offer got so many criticism from experts and politician. Top experts suggest that buy back offer makes greedy and investor will fall inside the trap (Story in public).  More information is not released about when company will buy back but rumors are that, company will do it fast and coming time. Apple move is one of its kind and never done before. Report suggest that Apple sold 50 million Iphone is resent time. Apple is gaining its market share in China too. Company is showing its rise in Asia upto 25%. Apple is in its golden year. Second source of income Apple is getting is from app store. Apple having around 200 million years on its app store platform and it is increasing day by day.
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