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Flipkart - Walmart Deal

Flipkart is being in its good time because of its deal with walmart. Deal is worth around $16 billion in history of indian ecommerce industry. Walmart has acquired 75% stake in Flipkart and this deal is for long term to competition with amazon to dive inside $200 billion market as of 2026.  Flipkart started with the investment of $7000 from the apartment in bangalore. Flipkart is a kind of a blue chip stock on which you can bat for good return they don't have stock listed but if they do they can break records and make more good performance. Flipkart got so many funding from its investor and still it can got more from whole world because of its performance ,and its deal with Walmart.

Sachin and Binny, founder of Flipkart became billionaire now after the deal with walmart. 
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