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Trump - Kim jong Un to be meet in Singapore

Donald Trump to meet North-korean leader Kim on June 12th in Singapore. Now, Singapore become point of centre because of the summit between two country which was having big tension and now it showing a sign of happy ending. Still to see what will be the outcome of the meeting between president Trump and Kim. Donald Trump always share news on and through twitter which is @realdonaldtrump and you can have a look on that below

Trump meeting Kim news twitter

This all started when Kim Jong un sand invitation to Donald Trump for meeting and to resolving tension between two country. After invitation, Donald Trump accepted invitation, their was rummers going on about the place where they will meet but now it is fixed that, they are going to meet in Singapore for summit. As you can see in the image, news came around early morning on May 10 in early morning. World in watching new change in history because North Korea released USA detainee which was held by North. Main topic of the summit will be to reduced tension and denuclearization of weapons. US wants North Korea to give up its weapons and this will be the top news around the world.

 Singapore is always a best place for making diplomatic settlements between country.
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